B Kind Collection


Kindness involves being friendly, considerate, helpful, generous, and understanding of others. Scientifically, acts of kindness have shown to lower blood pressure, increase self-esteem, improve emotional well-being, enhance feelings of belonging, boost confidence, reinforce feeling in control and create changes in the brain that promote optimism and happiness. Put simply, little acts of kindness create big changes within each of us and the world at large.


I began designing jewelry in 2016. For over a year, I gifted the pieces I created and wore to friends and strangers, who soon became friends, alike.   I responded to any compliment I received by gifting the piece I was wearing that received it.  It did not take long for me to become addicted to the warm, spontaneous, joyful connection gifting in person creates.  However, like all addictive behaviors, my own was unsustainable and costly. I hit bottom in the form of over $25,000 of jewelry supplies on my Amex.  Since then, I have continued to gift and support doing so (while paying down my balance) by selling my pieces in the DC metro area. 


Jewelry design has become an integrated part of my life and self-care.  The energy I get from creating beautiful pieces and connecting with people in happy ways balances my day job as a psychotherapist specializing in trauma.  The combination of both pursuits exposes me to the extraordinary ways our brains and bodies inform and are shaped by behaviors and the phenomenal impact acts of kindness have on individual well-being and collective quality of life.


The B kind initiative was designed to use my love of jewelry to share the gift of giving, promote little acts of kindness to create big changes, and support LaunchWell™ corporation's work destigmitizing mental health and advancing prevention. The simple necklaces are handcrafted with silk, sterling silver and rare, precious gems  including turquoise from the most coveted and renowned American mines. Each purchase and gift will be the butterflies that effect so much more than the beautiful stones worn and shared.


“To kindness and love, the things we need most.”

-The Grinch