B Kind Collection


Kindness involves being friendly, considerate, helpful, generous, and understanding of others. Scientifically, acts of kindness have shown to lower blood pressure, increase self-esteem, improve emotional well-being, enhance feelings of belonging, boost confidence, reinforce feeling in control and create changes in the brain that promote optimism and happiness. Put simply, little acts of kindness create big changes within each of us and the world at large.

 The B kind initiative was designed to use my love of jewelry to share the gift of giving, promote little acts of kindness and support LaunchWell™ corporation's work advancing mental health prevention. The simple necklaces are handcrafted with silk, sterling silver and rare, precious gems  including turquoise from the most coveted and renowned American mines. Each piece includes two necklaces. Keep one and gift the other to brighten your own and another's day.

Each purchase directly supports LaunchWell™ and transforms a simple moment into big impactful change. 


“To kindness and love, the things we need most.”

-The Grinch