My Story

For as long as I can remember, I have loved being close to the sea.
I sit with toes dug deep into cool sand as the sun warms me to the core. Salty ocean spray dripping off my hair. It is so simple. A place where doing nothing is doing everything.
I walk through the surf. Grounded by the fleeting impressions my footsteps make before they are swept away by waves. The horizon ahead, and behind me, go far beyond what my eyes can see to what I imagine.
I lay on the bow of a boat. The crisp air blowing my hair into knots and any lingering worry out of my mind.  Sending a thrilling chill through my sundrenched skin. Mesmerized by the light shimmering across the lake. 
Moments of tranquility enveloped by the chatter and laughter of my favorite people in the world. Perfection.
I fell in love with the process of making jewelry when I realized how much it brought feelings of the sea home. Knotting silks, sparkling gems, wrapping wires, and forging metals create the hypnotic balance of inner calm and captivating energy. Creating deep inner peace while surrounded by the busy-ness of my family. Linking rhythmic patterns of color and light, while basking in the warm glow of the most pure and precious connections.                  
I began the journey of becoming a psychotherapist in the early 90’s. Fascinated by the mysteries of the mind and the extraordinary, often invisible, ways it can be injured. As a trauma therapist I spend my days helping people heal, change, and find hope. My job is profoundly rewarding and exhausting. Jewelry is my therapy.  
I began sharing my jewelry with others when I impulsively gifted a pair of earrings to a friendly stranger in line at the grocery store. Her heartfelt compliment prompted me to impulsively hand them to her with a smile. Her surprise and joy were intoxicating. I was amazed and quickly addicted to the ease of creating energy, joy and peace of mind in a simple gesture    I spent over a year gifting what I wore to friends and strangers alike through compliments and conversation.
Sharing my work this way fed my soul, connected me to many extraordinary people, allowed me to fall even more in love with the process of designing and sharing jewelry and became prohibitive by the stark reality of my AmEx.
Selling my jewelry allows me to continue creating and gifting my work. I hope others can enjoy the simple yet extraordinary pleasures the process brings me by adding a bit of shimmer and sparkle to their day. Providing conversation starters and opportunities to share stories and smiles.
I am beyond grateful for the support of my clients who help me continue to experience what I love most. 
x Rebecca