My Story

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the beach, really, anything remotely related to the sea.. Being beside or upon the water is my happiest place. Where doing nothing can be doing everything. And some of my favorite times are also my simplest.

I sit with toes dug deep into cool sand. Tasting the salty spray dripping off my hair, listening to the laughter of my very favorite people, and watching the waves roll in and out with a hypnotic rhythm. Or maybe on the smooth surface of a boat. Enveloped in the crisp breeze as it blows my hair into knots and any lingering worry out of my mind.  Soaking in the soothing cocktail of thrilling tranquility. While I watch the light shimmer across the lake. And listen to the symphony of laughter and cheers of my favorite people surfing across its wake.  

My Perfection.

I fell in love with the process of making jewelry when I realized how much it brought my sea serenity home. Knotting ropes of beads, gems and links, I found the same balance of inner calm and captivating energy.  Sitting alongside my husband and two sons. Hearing the deep breathing of my golden doodle harmonize the laughter, stories and occasional scream. Chattering about their days and chastising their soon to be, second favorite sports teams on TV.  Linking rhythmic patterns of color and light, while basking in the warm glow of the most pure and precious connections.  


I began sharing my jewelry with others when I impulsively gifted a pair of earrings I made to a friendly stranger in line behind me at the grocery store. Her heartfelt compliment prompted me to reflexively hand them to her with a smile. Her surprise and joy was intoxicating and I was amazed by the ease of creating joy and peace of mind in a simple gesture    And I spent the next year gifting what I wore out and about to friends and strangers alike through compliments and conversation.

Sharing my work this way was deeply rewarding. It fed my soul, connected me to many extraordinary people and allowed me to fall in love with the process of designing and sharing jewelry. I would have continued this forever if it were not for a stark reality brought to me by American Express. Documenting the accruing costs of my endeavors had sadly surpassed the vast benefits. And that I needed to figure out another way to continue.

I continue to gift my jewelry. I also sell my work through this site, in pop-up boutiques, home shows and out and about in conversation. I love it more with every passing day. I hope others can enjoy the simple pleasures the process brings me by adding a bit of shimmer and sparkle to the day. Providing conversation starters and opportunities to share stories and smiles.

I am beyond grateful for the support of my work and my ongoing ability to do what I love most. 

x Rebecca