Permanent Jewelry

plasma welder

Keeping your jewelry on for protection, ritual, signifying relationship or as a symbol of identity is not new and a norm across ages, cultures, religions, and lifecycles.  Today, using welding to create permanent bracelets without a clasp is an emerging trend that transforms the iconic Cartier Love Bracelet into a dainty chain-link bracelet that feels like second skin and adds a custom simple sparkle to your everyday.
I create and weld permanent jewelry with a plasma welder. Using a little zap of plasma energy (just like the sun!) I weld the links together to create a bracelet without a clasp. Welding is very quick and totally painless.  It is also very safe when done by an experienced welder.
My permanent bracelet designs are made with 14kt gold fill or solid gold chains that won’t stain your skin or lose their golden gleam. All bracelets are custom designed and can include a gemstone connector accent or dangling pendant.  Due to the cost of solid gold, all orders for 14kt solid gold must be paid for in advance at the time of scheduling.

Please email me directly to discuss custom designs and pricing, book an individual or group appointment or schedule a pop-up event.

    permanent bracelet